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Okay so I figured everyone was due for an update. Yes, I am currently studying in Hong Kong and will be here until JUNE. So texting is a no no. Skype is a blessing I must say. So the campus is kind of amazing and I'm super sad that Savannah's lack of campus is what I'm going to going back to. *Insert foul word here* My Profs are intense, borderline impossible to please. Really cool people, but ridiculously hard on us. I have a weird posse already and I love them, although it's a bit intimidating walking around cuz most of them are really pretty/adorable and are like half my size. Which I also figured out pretty quick that I need to loose like 300 lbs to fit into anything here. yes, that's well into the negatives, I can do math. XD and my entire Ad class is chinese kids and girls from the philippines and once again are all super pretty. S'okay, they like me AND my batman Allstars. That's what's up. :3

So first weekend I was determined to go out and explore the city. I started friday out with a Dim Sum party and spent all of saturday bedridden because of how sick I was. Sunday was spent working at the school. There goes my weekend. EVERYONE ELSE WAS SIPPING MOJITOS IN CAUSEWAY BAY! SO THIS WEEKEND IS GOING TO BE AWESOME. I'm going to be mad if something happens. I'm going to Macau island on Friday with some of my peeps on a school trip and sometime in Feb we're flying to South Korea! *FLAIL WILDLY* I am ridiculously excited. There will be more trips around to different areas in HK, but those are TBD~

There's also a freshman I am determined to adopt because I think he is the most adorable thing on the planet (and he has the best sweaters). He's from Beijing and he's so excited about art and school and I just can't bring myself to ruin it for him. Then again, HK is turning out to be a lot more fun than Sav so far, so maybe he's onto something.

Everything being in Chinese can be a problem for us fluent in only English people. I can read nothing over here. I have no idea if that's goat milk or cow milk in the fridge. XD I end up eating a lot of stuff I don't know exactly what it is, but the picture looks nice. I'm preparing to get sick a lot over here.

So much crazy stuff has happened already. I'm journaling for later recollection, but it would take a few hours at least just to catch up. I don't know when I'll update next but don't worry, I'll be somewhere beautiful, dancing to Kpop and designing business cards with a smile~

Snake blood and Vodka y'all.
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United States
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Personal Quote: "Tch, stupid."

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I just gave ya a teablessing! :tea: CB

have a nice day~
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Thank you~ :heart:
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O.O That's amazing.
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Happy Birthday!! C: Just in case... you know... you didn't hear it enough from me already today.
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Hehe, thanks again. Friends, the ones who remind you about birthdays XD
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IF ONLY I COULD SEE THOSE SKILLS! (aka link doesn't work XD)
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